Corporate keylogging systems

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CKM SYSTEMS Company leads the active way of development and realization of new software products and web services based on up-to-date technologies including personal production. The main directions of development are public web services and software for professionals from different areas and spheres of action. We resolve different tasks to show the simple and clear result.


KROT Mole corporate security systemCSSC SOFT "KROT"

KROT Corporate Security System for Companies will help You to detect suspect employees both in a small company and on a large plant.






RADAR acoustic control systemCSSC SOFT "RADAR"

RADAR acoustic control system for Companies is the most flexible in use and possible installations. RADAR can monitor employees workplace and be installed inside different apartments, offices including accommodations as the acoustic control system.




Информационный мониторингCSSC SOFT "Small Business"

The informational control and monitoring system for small companies. The cheapest and smart solution from existing on the market systems.