Keylogger for Small Business areas of use - кейлоггер для малого бизнеса - сферы применения

Keylogger for Small Business - areas of use

Keylogger Small Business is ready for use in all areas of small and middle business as the leading or additional tool of informational monitoring and local and remote network emloyees control.


All kinds of Business based on computers with managers/key workers must be controlled by Keylogger Small Business.



Keylogger Small Business is light and easy-learning software for chief or a special person of a company and surely for security department specialists who can enjoy this software and understand its functionality in comparison with mass of other security programs.


If your company has more than 50 employees and You need to control information from more sources - put your eye on our more powerful КРОТ Corporate Informational Security Control System.



There are some reasons for not to publish names of companies using our software products, but we have a number of recommendations and grateful letters. CKM Systems product solutions successfully work in Investment bank area, financial analytics, accounting and auditing services, retail business, logistics, informational technology, manufacturing, etc..