Информационная безопасность Keylogger Pro - защита информации

Keylogger Pro - program description


Keylogger ProKeylogger (Keyboard spy) version "Pro" is the software product for PC, developed by CKM SYSTEMS as the cheapest solution on the software market for end users. The difference of this software release from Lite version exists in the area of possible use - first of all in the functionality. Keylogger Pro is hidden inside the system and cannot be found by unexperienced user. Keylogger Pro can be visually activated by an optional "hotkeys" combination and no other way.


Keylogger Pro Main keylogging spyware window


First of all this is the "keyboard spy" - keylogger and its aim is to work hidden from a computer user. One of the main differences of this keylogger version is the total encryption of out-streaming from user keyboard data. In other words, Keylogger Pro LogFile (Data Diary) decrypts data before its viewing and encrypts again while closing, providing security and privacy of the program control process.


 Keylogger Pro key parameters:
  Memorization of each KeyLogger Pro key stroke
  Multilanguage Keylogger Pro interface
  Interaction with computer clipboard
  Intuitive Keylogger Pro LogFile diary
  Fast Keylogger Pro LogFile information search
  System stressing is <0,005%
  Keylogger PRO Classifies programs by types
  KeyLogger Pro works in MS Windows XP, 2000, 2003, Vista 32/64, Seven
  Stealth (hidden) regime. KeyLogger Pro total absence effect
  Schedule start and key process keylogging professional work
  Hotkeys combination program reborn
  Data encryption of Keylogger Professional
  LogFile passworded access to Keylogger Pro
  Work with passwords in all keylogging programs


Additional Keylogger Pro features:

Keylogger Pro interface gifts You the possibility to download and install the additional "Parental Control" module (unit) that allows You to block sites with adult content and stops all search engine queries of such kind. The unit data base updates automatically and asks no reset.


Keylogger Professional Settings window