Радар RADAR

Acoustic monitoring system RADAR

Radar is the system of acoustic control of office spaces and employees work places. The system records all sound information streaming through suballocated net of hidden based microphones. Recording runs on independently for each employees' work place as for each office room and neighbor apartments. All sound files resulting the process are archiving into easy-to-understand structure. "RADAR" can set the recording time from 5 minutes to 1 hour for one take. It means that while setting the recording time for 1 channel on 1 hour - we'll get 24 files of audio recording in 24-hour period with each file named like: 10.07.2009_12_00


All sound files have the MP3 extension with the acceptable compression level. The internal sound editor will help to improve file fragments or a whole file with the help of signal sound processing module.


RADAR apartments acoustic control system


RADAR acoustic control system has the possibility to direct data archives on external archives and manage files by archiving types, like: keep all files during 1 month period. The saving parameter is set by system administrator personally.


RADAR acoustic control system scheme

In a case of clients' wish to operate with more acoustic control and signal monitoring channels we offer to solve this task by setting the additional link-module for co-locating up to 30 servers resulting the system of 7680 processing channels.

RADAR acoustic control system can be integrated even for remote corporate networks and objects set on different distances from each other.