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"RADAR" - Prices and licences




Operator's Program Consoles differ first of all by a number of operational streams of information and ready to work with productive application servers. Less number of operational streams - less productive server You need. As a fact, if a company has less than 100 employees - the "package" will be like: 100 streams console + Clients' licences up to 100 + middle configuration server. Please, visit  Additional Equipment page.


Operator's Console:


Operator's Program Console till 100 streams

Operator's Program Console till 500 streams

Operator's Program Console till 1000 streams


Clients' licences:

"Clients' licence" - a digital key-code that allows the software to interact with the Operator's Console and complete the application process on a user computer. Specialists of our company register Licences while the process of the system installation. All code-keys have one-time period of use and cannot be used parallel or twice.


Licence for 1 work place

Licence pack for 100 work places

Licence pack for 500 work places

Licence pack for over 1000 work places




CKM Board Pro personal keyboards


Additional data:

The remote server module (for regional offices)

up to 1000 streams for 1 server

up to 3000 streams for 1 server


RADAR security system consists of the program platform and add-on build system functionality extension modules.

RADAR Security system structure