"KROT" (Mole) - System Description


What is "KROT" System?

Corporate Security System KROT helps You detect suspect employees with documentary evidence.


KROT is the cheap firmware solution that opens the consolidated, including all employees in different offices and regions, possibility to get any kind of information typed by them on keyboards. The centralized program console for an operator of security service or a director is easy to use and intuitive in operation. All data collected from each employee can be saved on a local or a remote server in consideration with company interests and send signals to an operator.

High KROT System scalability shall allow You to configure wide solutions range and run hidden control tasks.


System main points


Filters of the central program security department adminstrators' console allows to set groups of keywords and key phrases, a density of their use, set parameters of web sites' addresses and domain names for e-mails' sending that also can be recorded into the "overcare" filter.
A company dimensions of agreement recored in filter(s) with text data captured from each employee is shown on the central console with friendly graphical scales well visible from some metres from a monitor.


KROT system administrative console


Scales have the different color displaying scheme for visual indication of information monitoring. When informational streams reach a specified scenario set in the console filters the visual display indicates that fixing the detector in a certain position. You can click any time and open all the details about each scale shown as  the concrete text information.


In a case of reaching the informational streams' critical mass the console will pop-up automatically the current employee's personal card and send in real time regime all typed on the keyboard in real moment and record all into the LogFile. "KROT" system console administrator has the possibility to do a number of notification requirement operations in manual or automatic mode.


Encryption and security

While installing the system a chief of security department or a responsible person must set up an incoming data encryption group. All data is saved in encryption mode and cannot be viewed without the decoding console and level access passwords' group.

To catch a Mole in your company in proper time is the main goal of KROT Corporate Security System and informational monitor.


The System operates in "common key" and is able to use all incoming infortamion streams:
Keyboard control, Acoustic control, Video control, as personal and common.