"KROT" Information security system areas of use



KROT Security System helps You detect suspect employees with documentary evidence. Just install KROT Security System and your company will be filled with a huge amount of data to analyse. Also KROT Security System can help You to understand some work processes that means that it can be used also as the beautiful tool for methodology while developing company inside procedures and politics.


KROT Security System can also be useful in civil purposes. For example, System installed in educational institutions of any level shall allow - after light KROT System modification - to transform it into the tool of collecting data from student work stations; also KROT can be useful for qualification tests, exams, trainings, courses, etc.. KROT System sphere of use in educational area is quite wide and after some system adaptation and modification can be more exact to set tasks.


KROT Security System shall allow to wide the services area for companies working on the field of multipurpose or just informational security.
KROT Security System is ready to be used as the tool for remote and inside control for informational infrastructure, whereas directly transfering and generated information.



COD and computer centres

Government institutions and factories




"Black Box"

Compact version for companies and computer networks.

There are some reasons for not to publish names of companies using our software products, but we have a number of recommendations and grateful letters. CKM Systems product solutions successfully work in Investment bank area, financial analytics, accounting and auditing services, retail business, logistics, informational technology, manufacturing, etc..